• Image of Live In Holland LP

After his first album New York Town received a warm welcome from everybody who was only remotely interested in Americana, his sophomore album Barn Doors and Concrete Floor put Israel Nash Gripka (born in a village called Lebanon, can you imagine?) on the forefront of the Roots music scene.
Comparisons with/or references to the likes of John Fogerty, Neil Young and 70’s Rolling Stones came up in almost every review. And just to make sure: never in a negative way.
On the 2011 spring tour Israel, assisted by New York punk rockers The Fieros did not really live up to the high expectations that fans had from listening to the album: they just whiped everybody out with performances that nobody really believed possible. High energy, guitar loaded performances of his own songs were combined with acoustic intervals where Israel would just take his voice and guitar away from the stage and the mike into the audience. All to wrap things up with a, might we say devastating, encore: Neil Young’s Revolution Blues.

Fortunately one of those shows at Mr. Frits, Eindhoven was captured by the briljant engineer Ankie Keultjes. Here mixed and mastered by Peer Rave we believe to present a sure to be legendary concert by the future of rocking Americana: Israel Nash Gripka.