• Image of Across The Water LP
  • Image of Across The Water LP
  • Image of Across The Water LP

Across The Water was recorded live and all over Europe in the cities of London, Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Malmo, Utrect, and Cologne. This is a limited, vinyl only, 180 gram, double LP release with 12 tracks that is signed, hand numbered, and has some other extra goodies too, a live 4x4 photo (one of my favs) and a bonus CD of demos and rarities. Only 250 copies.

This is direct to customer from THIS STORE ONLY. Not available anywhere else.

Vinyl Track Listing:
Rolling On
Lucky Ones
LA Lately
Who In Time
Woman At The Well
Goodbye Ghost
Rain Plans

CD Track Listing:
Red Dress
He's In The Woods Again
Black Mountain
Rain Plans Acoustic
These Days Rejoice These Days
Parlour Song
King's County Line
Through The Door
Mystic River
Woman At The Well
Seven White Horses
The Hunter